Civil marriages at the Schloss

You can start the best day of your life with your marriage in Schloss Kartzow.

The register office is located in the baroque Kleiner Gartensaal (Small Garden Room) of the stately home.
The register office will be made available for your wedding ceremony for a flat fee of €250.00.

The room is furnished in soft pastel shades and can seat 24 guests and the bridal couple. We charge €2.00 for each additional place.
Schloss Kartzow can provide a piano for your marriage on request. Schloss Kartzow will decorate the register office. Please feel free to discuss any additional requests with us.

You are welcome to receive your guests in the garden room of the house or on the terrace after your marriage ceremony. Schloss Kartzow would be happy to assist in any way you may require.